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The challenge

Two of the biggest problems faced by many consultants are getting new clients and the limited timeframe of most client engagements, resulting in inconsistent income.

This is a classic Catch 22 – when you are engaged in a contract, you don’t have time to get new clients and when you spend time getting new clients, your income takes a knock.

And then there is the new reality of many organizations working remotely, challenging consultants to render at least some services in the same manner or risk loosing out on work.

How we help...

All organizations have problem areas where teams underperform and do not achieve their performance goals.

We help you to get new clients and recurring income from existing clients by assisting executive and senior management to establish a proven system for their teams to execute strategy and achieve measurable performance improvements in their organizations.

Blaze Lean Systems consists of 3 integrated applications:

Goal Achiever

Set actionable goals that not merely track the results of what is done to execute strategy, but actually drive the actions required for execution.

Problem Solver

Identify and solve the problems that invariable prevent organizations from executing all their strategies and achieve their performance goals.

Action Planner

Get the job done! Plan and implement more complex actions needed to achieve goals and implement extensive solutions to problems.

My name is Gerhard du Plooy and I am the founder of Blaze Lean Systems. I am also a management consultant, executive coach and corporate trainer.

I used to have the same challenges to regularly find new clients and also had my share of “feast and famine” of too much work at some times and not enough work at other times.

But over time I developed a system to help my clients execute strategy in the worst performing areas of their organizations - those areas where teams fail to achieve their performance targets.

This had a two-fold effect on my business:

  • -      I drastically reduced the sales cycle to get new clients as CEO’s and their executive teams were eager  to improve their worst performing areas which removed many of the common sales barriers.
  • -      I was then able to get ongoing work from existing clients based on the measurable success of each engagement.

Improving the performance in one area of organization is like throwing a pebble in a pond – it creates a ripple effect through the organization. Problems get exposed in other areas w and one of those areas becomes the new worst performer requiring focus.

The result is that I have been doing ongoing work for one client for the past 9 years. For the last 6 years I have been working exclusively for this client by choice.

Not only do I have the satisfaction of knowing the value I add to my client’s organization, it also enabled me to make a lifestyle change moving to a quaint coastal village near my client. I now enjoy my free time in scenic surroundings within walking distance from my home.

What you'll get

Although having all your eggs in one basket (having only one client as I do), may not be the right thing for everybody to do, you will have the luxury to handpick a few dream clients you want to work with - clients you can build a solid relationship with and who really trust you, acknowledge the value of your services and pay you accordingly.   

Specifically you'll get:

New clients

Easily get the first mandate from a prospective client by confidently committing to measurable performance improvement in the worst performing area in the prospective client’s organization.

Getting the first mandate from a prospective client which will give you the opportunity to demonstrate the value of your services, is often the most difficult stage of your interaction with a client. Blaze Lean Systems provides you with a flexible, low cost marketing tool as you tangibly demonstrate to a prospective client the benefits of proven management methods and confidently offer to help improve the worst performing area in the prospect’s organization.

Ongoing work

Systematically uncover more underperforming areas in your clients’ organizations and turn each new underperforming area into an ongoing assignment.

Improving the performance in one area of a business is like throwing a pebble in a pond – it creates a ripple effect through the business. We guarantee that you will systematically uncover more underperforming areas whilst dealing with the first area. And because every performance improvement adds value to a client's business, you can turn each new problem area into a new engagement.

Diverse income streams

Consulting income. Get consulting fees based on the specialist consulting services you render around the Blaze Lean Systems software where the clients’ teams do not have the required subject matter expertise.

Training & coaching income. No software can improve performance by itself. Teams need to be skilled in underlying performance improvement methodologies first and then they can use the software to plan, implement, record & report their performance improvement efforts. 

Subscription income. If you register as a Partner, you will be entitled to recurring passive income of 30% commission of the monthly subscription fees payable by clients you introduce.

Remote consulting

The new reality is that a large number of employees in many organizations are now working remotely. This brings its own challenges and with the challenges come opportunities.

The Blaze Lean Systems platform is designed to facilitate collaboration between remote teams and enable remote consulting. You can therefor work from the comfort of your own home for large parts of your engagements.